[words] is pleased to once again welcome renowned cartoonist and Maplewood resident Rick Parker to the store on June 1 at 7:30, to discuss his work from the comic parody The Hunger Pains. Parker is best known as the artist of MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head Comic Book. He is currently drawing the Introductory pages featuring the Old Witch, The Vault Keeper and the Crypt Keeper for Jim Salicrup’s new release of Tales From The Crypt published by PaperCutz. He also writes and draws a morbidly humorous web comic called “Deadboy”, which follows the adventures of a troubled but misunderstood youth as he fights his way across a surrealistic, nightmarish landscape inhabited by violence-prone zombies and all manner of other creatures too numerous to mention. Stop in and meet Rick Parker on June 1!